How to become a photographer

To understand how to become as good photographer as Porto photographer and start making money, first of all you need to decide what kind of photos the master will work best. The most popular among customers at present are: Studio and non-Studio personal photo shoots. Wedding photos, as well as paired shooting and love-story. Children and family photosets (in the Studio, at home or on the street). Subject photography (jewelry, clothing and footwear, food, interiors). Customers are usually organizations that plan to use the images for commercial purposes (menus, catalogs, advertising). In most cases, successful masters specialize in 1-2 directions, as each of them requires a very large number of shooting and processing skills. Narrow specialization allows masters to constantly improve and work more closely with the target audience.

What is the work of the photographer Little familiar with the process of professional photographer people imagine his work is very one-sided and see only the process of photoset. However, this is fundamentally wrong, the work of the master consists of several stages, often invisible from the outside. It is the unwillingness to do other work, in addition to photographing, that prevents the vast majority of those who are passionate about photography from moving from Amateurs to professionals: Finding customers. Usually conducted through the Internet or through a friend. Start to withdraw for money is very difficult, as customers do not trust the masters without an impressive experience. Especially difficult in this respect wedding photographers, which imposes a very great responsibility — unverified person for such work will not be called. Given the high competition in the market, it is extremely difficult to find the first «paid» customers. Communication with clients, discussion of details of future work. At this stage, the master has to act as a diplomat and psychologist at the same time: each customer needs its own approach, its own arguments to convince to decide on the order. Future newlyweds need to be convinced that the photographer will have time to catch all the key moments of the event, the individual customer — that his photo shoot will be unique, parents with children — that children will have fun and shooting will be in the format of the game and so on.

Directly shooting itself, when you need within 1-2 hours to realize all the wishes of the client, to have time to shoot all the key moments of the event. Photo processing. Many before the start of work do not take into account that more than half of the time they will not have to take pictures, and process the pictures. This is the same type and monotonous many hours process, more related to technology than to creativity. Sending pictures to the client, discussing the results of work with him. It is important to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the results of the work, ready to be photographed in your future and recommend to friends. If there is a conflict, it needs to be quickly resolved: bad information about photographers is spread on «word of mouth» many times faster than good. Inclusion of images in the portfolio, their publication in their accounts. An important part of the work that helps to attract new customers. To place any personal photos in the portfolio, ask the customer for permission. As you can see, in addition to photography, the master has to do a variety of work: from communication with customers and hours of image processing to promote their accounts on social networks.

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