Why is cash better?

It would seem that the issue is resolved, I expressed my point of view, but I still receive questions, someone starts arguing with me in the comments on this topic. My position is this and only I can change it, and not people who claim that the author is stupid and wrong!

I stick to my position and believe that using cash is much better! When I receive my salary, I always go to the card and withdraw cash. Why? Read more about this.

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First, cash, namely bills, specifically yours. This money you hold in your hands, you feel it. As for the money on the card, this money belongs to you only partially. Any Bank can simply write them off from your account. They may simply not issue them to you on request, and without explanation.
Second reason. Very often there is a situation when the terminal does not work in some store and it is impossible to make a purchase, or there is simply no payment terminal. Cash is accepted everywhere, regardless of geographical location.

Cash helps me save money. It’s just morally harder for me to spend money. Because if I pay for some product, say 850r. and they give me 150r change., then on a subconscious level I gave the 1000R bill, I was given change and it seems to me that I paid not 850r, but 1000R.
Return of goods. If for some reason you need to return the product to the store and get your money back, then the cash will be given to me immediately, but you can expect a refund to the card for several days.

Errors when paying by card. There were a couple of cases in my life when a double amount was withdrawn by mistake when paying with a card and I had to write all sorts of applications, spend time and nerves, and then wait for a refund of my money for several days.
When money is on the card, you always want to spend it. The reason is that the card usually stores all the money, and if you take one business day, you can spend much more on the card than cash during this day. in Other words, we simply do not notice the money spent on the card and are very surprised when we start checking the card balance. For example: I went to buy a drink, then a snack, then I ran out of cigarettes, etc. When I’m going to work in the morning, I take a couple of 100 rubles with me. there are no more bills and I can spend this money for the whole day, less Yes. You can calculate your limit using the 4-envelope method.
Questionable savings using cashback or bonus program. Any bonus program is aimed at provoking the consumer, you and me, to buy more, more often and buy those things that we probably do not need and will be thrown out soon or will lie idle all our lives. It is better to pay in this case in cash and ask for a discount!

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